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People often believe that contracting through your own limited company is a daunting task. In fact, nothing could be further from the truth.

Administering your own limited company, with the support a dedicated firm of accountants like New Age Accountants, is simple, efficient and inexpensive.

Contracting through your own limited company does require a little more work, you'll need to form a company which will just take five minutes with our help, open a company bank account (we can help with this), send in a spreadsheet each month and from time to time send cheques off to the Revenue, again we will help you to understand exactly how much to send.

You'll typically take home around 75% - 80% of your contract by working through your own limited company.

Benefits of Contracting through your own limited company:

  • The most tax efficient way of working, meaning you will take home more money.
  • Claim a wide range of expenses - accountancy fees, equipment, software etc.
  • Access to the Flat Rate VAT scheme.
  • Even if inside IR35 it may still be worth it, call us to find out by how much.
  • You keep complete control of your financial affairs meaning you do not have to risk your money with any third party administrator.
  • Running your own business isn't difficult; submit spreadsheets to New Age Accountants.

We can help with and offer advice and support on all aspects of contracting.

For further information, or for a FREE initial consultation, please contact us at [email protected] or call us on 01945 701 702.